Electric Fan Heater HOTFAN MEL 15

In comparison to direct fired gas or oil heaters, the electric fan heaters don‘t consume oxygen or produce combustion gases.

Because of that this devices can be used everywhere, in particular for temperature control of unheated interiors. The possibility for wall mounting or installation under the ceiling opens a wide range of application possibilities, e.g. for the heating of building container, marketplaces, greenhouses, small storages, garages, workshops, boat houses or at installation applications. The electric heaters can be used in the fan mode without the heating function and they have an ideal temperature control via multistage performance control for demand-based dosing of heating power. The electric heaters can be stack up without any problems and stable.

Ihre Vorteile

Multistage temperature control
Fan motor with thermal protection
Other performance classes possible
Place-saving stackable

Electric Fan Heater HOTFAN MEL 15 -
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